Welcome to A Masters' Mobile Pet Salon

We are a full service MOBILE Grooming facility.  We can bathe pets inside our Mobile unit or if they are too large we can wash them outside our mobile unit still using our own water/conditioning Prima System.  We come to your home, work, or where ever your favorite pet might be!  

The only thing we need when we get to you, is a place to hook up for electricity.  Any outside outlet will do.  In the Winter time we will run a generator for heat and will not need to plug in.

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We actually went up on our haircut prices in August of 2019, but only applied it to our new Clients.  We will be re-weighing dogs as of Jan 2020 and applying the correct prices.

Any form of payment that is not Cash or Check will be charged a $3 service fee. I'm geting killed in charges and really need to be more professional about this.  Sorry!

I will be now offering Creative Fun Grooms.  Colors or special haircut designs.  All products we use are completely safe for any animal.

We no longer will be plucking ears for free.  It is very time consuming, not always necessary and of course the dogs hate it.. Which makes me dread it.  So if the Vet requires it...there will be a $25 add-on fee.  IF they are not going to do it for free.... why should I?  Right?  Thanks for understanding!

We had been grooming a few dogs after hours here at home.  We will no longer be offering that service.  My son is  about to go off to college and I would like to soak in these last evenings with him at home.  Already feeling empty nest syndrome!

With that being said, I will be sticking to Weekdays till 7pm and  Sunday evenings for communicating with everyone about Dogs appts.  So if you message/text/email/voicemail me.... I will not be responding Friday night through Sunday afternoons.  I will be turning on the work phone on Sundays at 6pm incase there are some Monday morning adjustments.  So please plan ahead.   I love what I do...but my kids are always trying to get my attention and I'm always on my phone.  So just trying to be a better Mom.  ;)

For the Clients that cancel with a 24 notice and are so helpful when I'm there to speed me along: checks written, garage door opened, allow me to still come do dog even if you arent there (or allow me to lock up if you have to leave)....I would like to offer these clients a 10% discount on their Birthday Month.  Just  a little way to give back and show my appreciation!

January 2019 Updates:

  • Do not worry.......We are NOT raising prices for 2019, however, we will be charging the actual dogs weight that he/she currently is and not was a year ago.  ;)
  • No Haircut appointments will be made after 4pm.
  • Any dogs that take over 2 hours will be charged a $25 fee per hour past the 2 hour mark.
  • ALL DOODLES are required a 4 week schedule to be part of our Mobile Masters Clientele.  

 The BEST NEWS is that we are working on expanding!

We are introducing my husband, Daniel Barmer, as our newest mobile Groomer!  We hope to get him in his own Mobile Unit early this year. He will be taking on new and current  Bath dogs which will give me some openings for new Haircut dogs.  Daniel has been working side by side with me for 6 months and  He will give your dog the exact same attention to detail that I do.  He is also current on his CPR and First Aid training skills.


March 2018 UPDATE:

We have reached our max capacity of pets.  If you would like to get on our Cancellation List, Please text/email us the following information:

~Your Name, Cell Number, Physical Address

~Your Pets Name, Breed, Age

~Current picture of your pet and your Vet information.

And when we have a cancellation IN YOUR AREA - we will contact you to see if you are still interested in our services.  Thank you for your patience!



We are using a brand new mobile unit with state of the art grooming equipment that will give your pet the ultimate de-shedding and bathing experience.  

We are based out of Red Oak, North Carolina and service within 15 miles of our location.

*Established August 2017.

(252) 382-1360 | Rocky Mount, NC 27804