Anne Masters Barmer/ Groomer

Anne has been professionally working with our local animals here in Rocky Mount, NC for the past 23 years.  She is excited about this new adventure and hopes to help the bigger animals that are harder to groom and bring this service to our Elders that have a difficult time getting there fur-babies out and about.

 She has experience in training and dealing with stressed or anxiety ridden animals and looks forward to using that knowledge to give your pet the best grooming experience possible.  

Daniel Barmer/ Bather

Daniel has been married to Anne for 10 years.  They have 4 children between the two of them and ALL the kids have worked in the Mobile.  This has quickly become a family business in 2018.  Daniel looks forward to opening another mobile in early 2019.

Ed Masters/Office Assistant

Ed, is Anne's father.  He has watched this new business flourish from the side lines and is now jumping in to be part of this family business also.  We look forward to Ed handling the Paperwork/Emails/Messages so Dan and Anne can focus on the hands on part of loving your fur babies.

Anne Masters Barmer

Anne Masters Barmer



Monday - Friday

Daniel Barmer

Daniel Barmer